Outdoor Events

Anthony & Vee Outdoor Catering at Rusheen Bay
Anthony & Vee Outdoor Catering at Rusheen Bay

Providing wholesome and healthy food options to families and children in Salthill.

Sports Camps, Street Food, Festivals,….

Sports Camps

SKG has partnered with The Sports Dome and Galway Tennis Club providing catering to childrens camps all throughout the summer. Our food options and menus are designed to provide high nutritional value while also appealing to our younger audiences. We have lots of experience providing food for children and teens – we know what works! If you have an event and need catering, why not message us today.

School Lunch Time Catering

In partnership with our sister company Siam Street Food, we provide lunch time catering for the students of St Enda’s and Salerno secondary schools on Threadneedle Road, Salthill. Students enjoy wholesome and tasty fusion food from The Hatch at the Anno Santo Hotel.

Street Food & Festivals

We started our food journey with Street Food and we remain committed to providing freshly cooked authentic food to our customers. As restrictions ease, we look forward to participating in more food festivals and open air events. If you’re planning a festival and need catering, then please do get in touch! We operate from a commercial kitchen and have all the equipment needed for outdoor or field catering. We also provide cookery demonstrations and food theatre.

Need Catering?

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